J.S. O’Neil

teller of tales, drinker of ales


Many moons ago when there was no grey in my beard I dreamed of writing a fantasy novel. I was heavily influenced by my love of the Hobbit and LOTR, as well as, Dungeons & Dragons. Over the years I spent time plotting out the ‘yet to be written’ novel and the first few chapters took form, but then lied dormant for a long time.

For some unknown reason in 2016 I felt the urge to finish the book. I unearthed the almost forgotten files and began to write once again. The series “Pathways of Fate” has 3 books completed now, with more to come.



My other interests

hobbies and passions

“A man in a kilt is a man and a half”

My greatest passion is my family which I value above all else. I enjoy spending time with them outdoors and lazy weekends around the house are one of my favorite things. We enjoy camping in our RV throughout the state of Michigan and have begun branching into other states as well.

I have a strong pull to the mountains and when able to I lose myself to the trails and backcountry in the Smoky Mountains and Rocky Mountains. These adventures are tiring, painful, and trying but worth it every time.

“What goes down must go up” … Law of the mountains

Special Thanks

life is a journey, enjoy the ride


Thanks to my wife and to my awesome boys who teach me about life and fatherhood every day. Thanks to my sister for the map illustration. Thanks to my friend, Nick, for editing support.

Special thanks to Outre Lights for working on metamorphosing my words into music. The official soundtrack to Betrayal is coming soon. Click on the Outre Lights banner below to hear some sweet music.